Introducing S/Y Saoirse!

Saoirse is a small, sweet and perfectly-formed 1975 Albin Vega. She currently resides on the northern shore of Sweden’s Lake Vänern where she has been looked after carefully and meticulously maintained and improved by a lovely local couple. On June 13th ownership will transfer to the cabin boy and myself and then we’ll sail her down the Kattegat (bypassing two million rocky islands) to her new home harbour – Skovshoved, just north of Copenhagen. If the cabin boy keeps a good watch he might get promoted. We’ll see.

The name change isn’t official yet so don’t tell Poseidon…..

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2 Responses to Introducing S/Y Saoirse!

  1. Christer Hall says:

    Hi Clare,
    We wish Saoirse all the best and sucess in all water.

    Mervi and Christer

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  2. pippihus says:

    Thanks Mervi and Christer. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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